My name is Josef FitzGerald-Patrick and I am 18 years old,        live in beautiful Cornwall,          I'm home educated, and a very keen Cyclist.                                  As a child I was lucky enough to always have a camera to play with but only when I was 14 and given my own DSLR as a present did I become totally obsessed.   
I really got into photography because I spent so much time outside around nature and then the camera was a way to capture moments that you could look back on forever. 
As I got older and became more knowledgeable and skilful I started photographing the local wildlife, an extra challenge.   
The difficulty in approaching a small bird and then getting everything right made each shot so rewarding, a feeling I loved.
Now as I hope to turn a passion into my career I have dived into the world of landscape photography, and very recently, astrophotography. 
Something special that along with wildlife is challenging and rewarding when it goes right!        


  • Camera   -   Nikon D3300

  • Lens 1   -   Nikon 55 - 300mm  f/4.5 - 5.6

  • Lens 2   -  Nikon 18 - 55mm  f/4.5 - 5.6

  • Lens 3   -  Tokina 11-16mm  f/2.8

  • Tripod   -   Manfrotto 055CXPRO4

  • Camera Bag   -   Lowepro flipside 300

  • ND filter   -   Tiffen 3.0​

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