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Land's End Fulmar Photography

I finished my home education work for the day and decided to go find some Fulmars since the sun was out and the light was good. I arrived at my usual location but there was only one bird and it soon moved on. I walked up onto the headland and scrambled along a rock outcrop to get a view of nests which were full but again there weren't many birds flying around. Since I had a good 4 hours before sunset I decided I would just walk along the coast towards Nanjizal and see if I found any Fulmars that were flying around regularly to photograph. I walked to the top of Pordenack Point and saw down in the valley about 5 Fulmars zooming around close to the cliff edge, my favorite sight! I carefully walked down to where they were and took a few great pictures. After about 10 minutes they seemed to move round the corner towards Zawn Trevilley. I followed them round and they had led me to the ultimate set up, they were flying up and down a steep gully to the nests, absolutely perfect for photography! I spent the next hour or so photographing these magnificent birds in perfect sunny conditions and got some shots I'm really happy with.

Eventually I started to head back and on my way found a few pairs of Stonechats to photograph. I had planned on staying to photograph the sunset but after being out most days last week and having walked up and down the coast path for a few hours I was pretty tired so decided to head back home early. Just as I was unlocking my bike to ride home I noticed an unusual bird fly over head. I stopped and started searching but saw nothing. About 5 minutes later it reappeared and turned out to be a Swallow which is my first so far this year!!! Unfortunately I was unable to photograph this particular one but as more migrate in for the summer I will be out snapping them. The weather is looking good over the next few days so hopefully I will be out and getting some more shots :)

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