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Surf Photography with Torran James at Godrevy.

I got a call from my friend and two time national surf kayaking champion, Torran James on Saturday saying how good the surf was going to be on Sunday and I if I could come film him. I said that was fine so met him at his house on Sunday and went down there. The surf was a decent size (about 5ft) but a cross-onshore wind meant that it was quite blown out. As we walking down he told me that he hadn't been out in the surf in his boat for nearly 3 months... this will be interesting.

After about 15 minuets of continuous paddling he finally made it out through the white water and behind where the waves were braking (outback). It took a long time until he caught his first wave and I missed capturing it on camera but it wasn't bad. Soon he got into the rhythm and was surfing really well, catching good waves and doing some awesome airs!

The plan was to film Torran and make a video but after about three hours I told him it wasn't working because the waves were breaking too far out for my 300mm lens. We started taking photos and I'm happy with some of the but definitely need to find somewhere where I can get a bit closer to the action! Or just buy a bigger lens.... Either way a great day and some cool footage :)

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